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Increase Your Google Ranking With These Simple Steps

You can raise your Google rankings by placing your Google Maps link on all of your business cards, receipts, and even on your email’s signature. It’s technically against Google’s terms to request personal reviews, but most companies still want to make it easy on their customers so that they can at least get there. This article will teach you how to use your Google My Business link to help improve your rankings.

First, you need to create a My Business page that showcases your services. When people search for a particular service or product on Google, they will typically see a page with a picture or description of the service/product. If you don’t have a picture or description, you can add this in after creating the page. Once you have a page ready, make sure you link to it from your My Business page.

The second step is to place a Google Maps link at the bottom of your page. Place your address, city, and state at the bottom of your page and then fill in the name of your company. It’s not necessary to write your company’s name out every time, but most people want to see exactly what the company is about and where it is located. Your page should also include an option to submit your listing to Google Maps. You may also want to place an “about” section that gives some information on your company.

The third step to raising your rankings for your My Business page is to add a Google My Business link at the bottom of each page. Again, you don’t have to write your company name every time; you only want to do this if you have information that could potentially be useful to someone browsing through Google. You also want to include an option to submit your listing to Google.

The fourth and final step to increasing your ranking for your My Business page is to post a Google Maps link at the bottom of your page. Again, you don’t need to write your company name every time. You’ll want to put your company’s URL at the bottom of each page. This is the URL that the search engines use to connect your My Business with your main website. The links can take the form of a text link, or a graphic link, but both are equally important.

Using these steps on your My Business page to raise your Google ranking will help increase your rankings and allow your visitors to view your pages when searching on Google. If you have many Google My Business pages, this may be an easier and more efficient way for you to improve your ranking than trying to rank for specific keywords using different search terms. By placing your company’s name and URL at the bottom of each page, you’ll be able to rank your entire page for any specific keyword.

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