How to Track Your Google Maps Ranking

Whether they’re searching for a lunch spot in an unfamiliar neighborhood or trying to find the best mechanic to help with their flat tire, consumers are using Google Maps more than ever before. That’s why it’s so important for local businesses to optimize their Google My Business profiles and monitor their rankings. By ranking high on Google Maps, local businesses can attract more customers and boost their online reach.

Getting listed on the first page of Google Maps can have a significant impact on a local business’s customer base. When a potential client searches for “marketing agencies in my area,” the first thing they see are the top 3 Google Maps results—and if your business isn’t one of them, you’re losing out on customers and revenue daily.

To increase the chances of being featured in the first three search results, local businesses need to optimize their Google My Business profiles and track their performance. While doing so manually can be a difficult task, many tools are available that can automate the process of tracking Google Maps rankings. These Google Maps rank checker tools can save marketers a lot of time and effort by letting them know if their listings are ranking well or not.

Some of these Google Maps rank trackers allow users to enter keywords and a business name, which will generate corresponding results and provide a comparison of the current ranking of the business versus its competitors. Some of these tools also let users identify the keywords that are generating the most search results, which can be used to further optimize their Google My Business listings.

In addition to keywords, it’s crucial that Google Maps listings include a descriptive title, main category, and attributes. Trying to cram keywords into your business’s title can hurt its ranking, and if the category or description doesn’t match your NAP data, it will likely be changed by Google. In Localo, you can easily find out what main categories your competitors are using and which ones are boosting their ranking—it’s important to be aware that these settings can change frequently.

Another essential factor that can affect your Google Maps ranking is the amount of positive reviews you’re able to get. While it’s not ideal to ask for reviews, you should encourage your customers to leave feedback if they had a good experience with your company. It’s also crucial to respond to any negative reviews promptly.

Lastly, make sure your GMB listing is verified and up to date. Google is known to punish businesses that don’t update their information and may even ban them from the platform. Duplicate Google My Business profiles are a big no-no and can seriously impact your Google Maps ranking, so it’s vital that you only have one profile per location. Duplicate profiles may be set up by an intern, a former employee, or even by a competitor who’s trying to steal your ranking by review-bombing you.

With all of these tips in mind, it’s time to optimize your Google Maps rankings and start attracting more customers! If you’re looking for a Google Maps ranking tool, try out Semrush’s Listing Management. It will take the hassle out of tracking and updating your Google My Business profile—and all of your other online listings!

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