How to Improve Your Google Maps Website Ranking

As more consumers rely on Google Maps to discover local businesses and products, it’s important for your business to rank well on this pack. Google ranks websites based on several factors, including relevance and proximity to the searcher. By incorporating some simple SEO tactics into your website, you can improve your Google Maps website ranking.

The first step to optimizing your website is to include the correct keywords in your content. This includes title tags, meta descriptions, page URLs, and more. Keywords help Google understand what your site is about and how it can benefit its users.

Creating content that provides value to your audience is another great way to boost your website’s Google Maps website ranking. This may be through informative blogs, how-to articles, or videos. It’s also important to post content regularly and share it across social media platforms. The more valuable and unique your content is, the higher your website will rank on Google Maps.

Aside from ensuring that your content is relevant, one of the most important aspects of Google Maps website ranking is focusing on on-page SEO. This includes any content that is controllable on your webpage or website (headers, titles, etc). Having on-page SEO optimized will not only improve your organic search rankings but will help you rank better in Google’s local pack.

Another important aspect of your website that is often overlooked is making sure your content is mobile-friendly. Since over 60% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices, it’s vital to have a website that loads quickly on any device. This will not only improve your Google Maps website ranking, but will help to ensure that your visitors are having a positive experience while visiting your site.

Posting positive reviews for your business on Google Maps is another crucial aspect of boosting your website’s Google Maps website ranking. When someone searches for a business in their local area, the results they see on Google Maps will show them what the business is rated and how many reviews it has. Businesses with more reviews tend to rank higher than those with fewer reviews. This is because Google wants to show businesses that are both relevant and useful to the searcher, so it prioritizes those with more positive reviews.

In addition to focusing on the three main categories of Google Maps website ranking, it’s also important to keep your Google My Business profile up to date. Make sure to update the business hours, address, and phone number. Also, be sure to update the product and service sections to reflect your company’s current offerings.

Google has recently made some changes to its mapping algorithm. For example, the Vicinity update brought proximity back as a major ranking factor in Google Maps. This means that having the right keywords in your business name and description is more important than it used to be. Additionally, it’s now possible to embed your Google Map with pinned location directly onto your contact page, further proving to Google that you are where you say you are.

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