How to Improve Your Google Maps Ranking

With the rapid increase in mobile usage and voice search, local business owners are focusing more and more on Google Maps Ranking. The reason is simple: getting to one of the top three spots on the local pack results in a lot of views and clicks for your business. In order to do this, you need to know the factors that go into a business’s Google Maps ranking.

Google has identified the top three ranking factors in Google Maps as relevance, distance and prominence. The former refers to how closely a business’s listing matches the search query, and this is why it is so important for business listings to be as detailed as possible.

Another key factor is proximity to the search user. This is why it is important for businesses to optimize their locations in Google Maps by providing complete address, phone number and website information. Finally, prominence refers to how well-known a business is in both the offline and online worlds. This is why it is important for a business to have a solid social media strategy and post quality content.

Aside from making sure that your Google Maps business listing is properly optimized, there are also a few optimizations you can perform on your website to support higher ranking in Google Maps. First, make sure your website is responsive. This means that it is designed to work on any device and screen size. Many Google Maps searches are conducted on mobile devices, and if your website is not responsive, it will be difficult for consumers to find the information they need and will hurt your business’s Google Maps ranking.

Another way to improve your Google Maps ranking is to regularly post to your Google My Business dashboard. These posts will appear directly on your business listing and can be used to drive traffic, capture leads, promote special offers or events, and encourage customer feedback. When Google sees that you are proactively managing your business listing, it will reward you with a better ranking.

One of the most overlooked optimizations is to ensure that your Google Maps business categories are correctly matched to your primary keywords. You can do this by choosing your primary category through your Google My Business dashboard and then deciding which secondary categories will best fit your core offering.

A final thing to remember is that Google considers photos to be an important part of your business listing. Including images will help your listing stand out in search results, and it is also an easy way to increase the likelihood of customers clicking on your listing.

If you are interested in boosting your Google Maps ranking, it is definitely worth experimenting with some of these tips. The results may not be instantaneous, but with the right strategy and consistency, your Google Maps ranking should continue to climb. Good luck!

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