How to Get Your Business on the First Page of Google Maps

Getting your business on the first page of Google Maps is one of the most important things you can do to improve local SEO. It’s also not as easy as it seems and requires a multi-faceted approach to optimizing for it. However, it’s not impossible to rank high in the local pack if you know how to get started. Creating a complete Google My Business profile, claiming listings that are already on Google, and monitoring progress over time can all help you achieve top placements.

A well-crafted business description on your GMB page will improve your chances of ranking for searches containing your brand name, products or services, and nearby keywords. This will encourage searchers to visit your website for more information and potentially convert into paying customers.

The main factor that determines your Google Maps website ranking is relevance. This includes your business listing category, which you can control through a free tool on your GMB dashboard. However, it is also influenced by on-page SEO (the metadata and code you can control on your site), which can be optimized using tools like Yoast.

Building citations is another way to improve your relevance. The more reputable and consistent your citations are, the better your chances of a high Google Maps website ranking. You can also improve your citations by monitoring them regularly and removing any that are inaccurate or inconsistent with your business. For example, if you use “Rd.” or “Street” in your address while another listing uses “Apt.” or “Suite,” this can impact your ranking.

Another element of relevance is prominence, which is harder to optimize for but is important nonetheless. According to Google’s documentation, prominence is based on the business’s reputation, both offline and online, which could be impacted by its organic rankings, GMB reviews, and backlinks.

Prominence is also influenced by the business’s prominence in its local community. Involvement in local activities, sponsorships, and events can boost a business’s visibility and, in turn, its Google Maps website ranking.

The last major factor of Google Maps website ranking is the quality and quantity of reviews. You can build reviews by inviting your customers to leave feedback on your business listing, as well as on your website and social media platforms. You can also encourage people to write a review by offering a discount on your product or service to anyone who does so.

Whether or not you have a website, optimizing for Google Maps is a must for any local business looking to get noticed. Getting your business on the first page of the local pack can significantly increase traffic to your website and, ultimately, boost your bottom line. With the help of tools like Semrush, you can monitor your Google Maps website ranking and make necessary adjustments as needed. Keep up the optimizations and you’ll be sure to see your results over time.

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