How to Boost Your Google Maps Ranking

Google Maps Ranking is an essential part of any local business’s online marketing strategy. It is a powerful tool that can drive traffic, sign-ups, calls and other desirable conversions for local businesses. Appearing in the top 3 of the local pack can dramatically increase exposure, but securing one of those spots is not an easy task. In order to rank higher in the local pack, it is necessary to optimize your GMB listing, as well as your website, and run a comprehensive review campaign.

The three main factors that Google uses to determine your local SEO ranking are relevance, distance and prominence. Relevance is determined by how closely your business matches the searcher’s query and the services or products offered. Distance is determined by how close your location is to the searcher, and prominence is determined by how well-known and popular your business is. In addition to these basic guidelines, there are other things you can do to improve your Google Maps ranking, such as claiming and optimizing your GMB profile, encouraging customers to leave reviews, and ensuring consistency of your NAP information on your website and elsewhere.

To maximize your Google Maps ranking, be sure to have a fully completed and optimized GMB profile with high-quality photos and videos. You should also update your product and service offerings regularly to ensure that users are aware of what you offer. Make sure to include your primary keywords in your business description and to keep these descriptions as accurate as possible.

Another important factor in your Google Maps ranking is the number and quality of your customer reviews. Encourage your satisfied customers to leave a review, and be sure to respond to negative feedback promptly and professionally. This will not only help your Google Maps ranking, but it will also improve your brand’s trustworthiness and can lead to more sales.

Backlinks from reputable local websites can also boost your Google Maps ranking. Seek opportunities to get backlinks from local news websites, blogs and business directories. Active community engagement can also bolster your local reputation, so try to participate in local events and sponsor community activities.

Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that spam can be a significant barrier to ranking higher on Google Maps. This could be from an intern who set up a profile years ago, a duplicate listing created by an unscrupulous actor or even a competing business trying to sabotage your success.

While it is not guaranteed that removing these spam listings will improve your ranking, it is definitely worth the effort. To get started, you can use tools such as Semrush’s Listing Management to identify and remove duplicate listings. Then, you can focus on more intensive optimizations to improve your Google Maps ranking. This includes optimizing your website, focusing on local keywords, building backlinks and running reviews campaigns.

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