How to Boost Your Google Maps Ranking

Google Maps Ranking is a key part of local SEO, and businesses should be constantly monitoring their rank for both Google Maps and organic search results. A few simple manual Google searches (preferably in Incognito mode and while not logged into your business account) or by using one of the many Google Maps rank checker tools available online, can give you a great idea of how well your business is performing on Maps and in regular search results.

To help your business rank better in Google Maps, the first step is to make sure that all of your information is accurate and complete. This is critical for both a potential customer and for Google itself, as it will be able to accurately provide results to searchers who are looking for your business.

You should also ensure that the main category you choose on your GMB dashboard matches the primary keywords you’re targeting. If you’re unsure which category is best for your company, start typing the words that describe your core offering into the Google Maps search box. You will be given a list of relevant possibilities to choose from. Selecting a category that accurately reflects your product or service will help your business rank higher in maps.

Reviews are another important factor in Google Maps Ranking, and businesses should be actively encouraging customers to leave positive reviews of their products or services. It is estimated that consumers read between 2 and 20 reviews before making a purchase decision, so having more positive reviews is an excellent way to boost your Google Maps Ranking.

Posting photos of your company’s products or services can also increase your Maps Ranking. Studies have shown that listings with photos receive 35% more clicks and 42% more driving direction requests than listings without photos. In addition to improving your Maps Ranking, posting photos can also improve your engagement with consumers.

A poorly optimized Google Maps profile can negatively impact your business and lose you valuable sales opportunities. Ensure that all of your business’s information is up to date and is consistent across all platforms. Then, take steps to promote your listing and optimize your website from a keyword, content, and linking perspective to support your local SEO efforts.

Keeping up with the latest ranking factors can be challenging for any local SEO specialist, but Semrush’s Listing Management tool makes it easy to keep your Google Maps ranking up to date and your business listing in its best possible shape. You can even have our software monitor your Google Maps ranking to alert you to any issues requiring attention. Learn more about our Listing Management tool here.

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