How to Achieve a Strong SEO Google Maps Ranking

SEO Google Maps Ranking

The majority of local searches on Google are location-based, so it’s no surprise that focusing on optimizing for Maps is essential for businesses who want to boost visibility and attract new customers. In fact, research shows that being one of the first listings in the Google Maps pack (also known as ‘On the Map’) improves sign-ups, site visits, call-ins and other desirable conversions by as much as 28%.

To achieve this, you’ll need to optimize your GMB listing in a number of ways, ranging from the basics like ensuring all information is completely filled out and accurate to more complex tactics such as running reviews campaigns. While it’s impossible to guarantee a specific ranking position, using tools like Semrush can help you get an idea of how well your optimizations are working by displaying average Maps positioning data and giving you a comprehensive overview of your Google My Business profile’s prominence.

Prominence is another factor that’s tough to pin down, but Google’s own documentation suggests it’s based on how widely a company is known in the real world and online. It’s said to take into account everything from website organic positions and backlinks to GMB reviews and ratings, and even offline reputation. That’s why it’s the most important aspect for many local map SEOs to work on, and it’s something that can be actively influenced through review generation campaigns. Fortunately, managing this process is made far easier with the help of the likes of Podium, which makes it easy to ask for and collect reviews from your clients’ customers.

Another important aspect of Maps optimization is ensuring that your client’s online content is properly optimized for local search. That’s where Schema comes in, which is a form of structured data code that can make it significantly easier for search engines to understand and index your NAP data. Lastly, you’ll want to ensure that your client isn’t inadvertently being beaten out by spam listings, which can be spotted by checking for duplicate listings and using Google’s redressal tool when necessary.

Of course, achieving a solid Maps ranking isn’t just about focusing on your client’s own online content; paid advertising is also a great way to boost the visibility of their GMB listing and give it a chance to rise up the rankings. With the right tools, it’s easy to manage this process and keep track of your progress, ensuring that your client’s Google Maps ranking is on track to grow and succeed.

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