How Google Maps Rankings Affect Your Business

Higher Google Maps Rankings increase business profits by driving more traffic to your website or physical location. A higher map ranking has the added benefit of increasing consumer awareness, which means more potential sales. Approximately 54% of all consumers will visit a business within a day of searching for its services or products. As a result, a higher map ranking gives you the upper hand over your competitors. It is also worth noting that people are not necessarily looking for your business.

A business’s prominence is a factor that is harder to calculate, but has some effect on ranking. The latest update Google made to their algorithm, the Vicinity algorithm, has a slight impact on prominence. Google’s documentation indicates that prominence is based on a business’s offline reputation and online reputation, as well as backlinks and reviews on its GMB page. The importance of a high ranking is not only seen in local searches, but also when users are searching for a different location.

The category in which your business appears is essential to its Google Maps Ranking. Choose a primary category that best represents your core product or service, and secondary categories that reflect your other services or offerings. The categories are selected through the Google My Business dashboard. It is also important to include a photo of your business in Google Maps. The absence of a photo in a business listing may not appeal to consumers and may lower its ranking on Google Maps.

It is also important to note that a business can have more than one location. Although this is not the case in every case, it is still possible for a local business to be featured on Google Maps. However, this will depend on its size. If you have only one location, Google will prioritize this type of business over others. If you want to have a large presence, it is imperative to have a high Google Maps Ranking in your local service area.

Backlinks will help boost your overall authority in Google organic search and on Google Maps. They are important for your overall ranking, which will translate into more customers and phone calls. Higher rankings in Google Maps mean more business growth. Sadly, building backlinks is the most overlooked strategy in SEO. Most SEO consultants will talk about building citations and cleaning up citations, but they fail to mention the importance of backlinks.

Another factor that has a bearing on your Google Maps ranking is the quality of your business’ GMB profile. Incorrect information will result in misclicks and bad experiences, lowering your potential on Google Maps. A valid business address is essential, as well as reviews, which are important for customers when deciding whether or not to visit your store. A review will also help boost your ranking. If you have good reviews, the more reviews you have, the better.

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