10 SEO Tips for Boosting Your Google Maps Ranking

Google Maps is a powerful tool for local business marketing. Whether looking for a sushi restaurant in an unfamiliar neighborhood or a nearby mechanic to help fix a flat tire, consumers turn to Google Maps to make informed purchasing decisions. Businesses that rank well on Google Maps get more clicks, visibility, and ultimately more business from their clients.

The key to ranking well on Google Maps is to optimize your GMB profile for the relevant keywords and then invest time in other SEO tactics to increase your organic search rankings and drive traffic to your listing. However, it’s important to understand that optimizing for Maps isn’t an easy task – and getting top-ranked is a long game.

In this article, we’ll discuss 10 tips to help you rank well on Google Maps, increase your local visibility, and secure more business from your clients.

1. Start with a well-optimized GMB profile

The first step in optimizing your GMB profile is to ensure that it’s fully complete and accurate. This includes adding all the right information about your business and verifying it with Google. It’s also important to regularly check and update your listing so that it stays current.

2. Use schema markup

Using the right schema markup on your website can improve your Google Maps ranking. This translates your website content into a format that is easier for Google algorithms to read. Examples of this include location markup, which displays the exact address of a business in its search result, and review markup, which allows searchers to see average star ratings under a business’s name in the search results.

3. Encourage reviews

Google’s algorithm favors listings that have a large number of consistent reviews. This signals to the search engine that your business is popular and trustworthy, which will boost your Google Maps ranking. In addition, reviews are a great way to show searchers what other people have experienced at your business, making them more likely to visit it themselves.

4. Implement local citations

The quality and quantity of a business’s citations is one of the most significant factors that determine its Maps ranking. The citations must be from reputable local websites and be as consistent as possible. Inconsistent citations can lead to negative SEO, which can negatively impact your Google Maps ranking.

5. Create a mobile-friendly website

A mobile-friendly website is critical for ranking well on Google Maps. About 60% of searches on Google are conducted on a mobile device, and searchers will be more likely to click on a business with a mobile-friendly website than one that does not.

6. Use Google My Business Ads

Google My Business ads are an effective short-term strategy to increase your Maps ranking and visibility while you work on other SEO strategies. By running Google Ads, your client can gain exposure in the search results and attract more clicks, reviews, links, and other forms of positive engagement that will eventually boost their overall Google Maps ranking, presence, and visibility.

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