Website Audit Helps Improve Orange County Online Reputation Management

One of the major purposes of online marketing is to aid in building strong relationships between businesses and consumers and improving customer retention. This can only happen if the business in question has a good online reputation. Part of the effort to strengthen online reputation is to make sure the marketing scheme and content being used is up-to-date by conducting regular website audits. Christopher Detzi explains the benefits of online auditing by companies like the PDG World Marketing.

Content Audit

An acute awareness of priorities
Knowing what content is on the site and why, and what is actually being used, is essential to understanding priorities. The audit facilitated conversations and shaped questions about content usefulness and utility that otherwise would not have been as fruitful or revealing.

Business and operational constraints
Business and operational constraints are often revealed through the auditing process. In this project, there were clearly operational constraints that would limit what we could propose with any design solution. For example, while the stakeholders liked the concept of a fresh, news-oriented homepage, they simply didn’t have the bandwidth to support regular updates. Assessments and follow-up discussions revealed these constraints more clearly than would have been the case had we not undertaken the audit. And these discussions shaped how we approached the design, ensuring that whatever we recommended didn’t conflict with operational realities.”

Website auditing is both a preventive and restorative solution to a company’s existing online pitfalls. Scouring the website for pitfalls will stop a growing issue damaging the business’s reputation. A business situated in places like Orange County, where the market is competitive, needs an online auditing service. This is an excellent option for Orange County online reputation management for businesses.

A glimpse of a company’s status is vital in formulating new marketing strategies. Conducting a website audit can provide more than just a glimpse; it can lead to well-informed decisions. Most reliable Orange County reputation management companies offer this service as part of their major role in increasing a website’s online presence and relevance.

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