The White-hot Strategies of a White Hat SEO Company in Orange County

Rebecca Murtagh, in her article for Search Engine Watch, outlined the radical changes in search engine optimization, as pushed by the search engines. As businesses learned to harness SEO techniques to boost their online presence, Google algorithms, for instance, have become even more complex. Murtagh suggests that companies have to be even more careful in selecting their SEO provider. She writes:

Hidden Treasure

“Businesses who hire these individuals and marketing companies often have little to no knowledge of how SEO really works, which is why they are seeking help. They entrust the performance of the most visible asset of the brand to those claiming SEO expertise. And, despite believing they are being provided quality service – many are met with the harsh reality of website traffic dropping significantly, delisting from search engines, or decline in performance that directly impacts the bottom line.

All SEO providers aren’t equal. Many will put websites at risk with black hat or spammy practices. Unfortunately, search engine algorithms don’t care whether your SEO efforts were unintended or intentional when ranking the website for search.”

White hat SEO involves legitimate online marketing practices, such as creating a (judiciously) keyword-optimized page, quality content, and ethical use of metatags, backlinks, and site maps, to get a client’s website noticed by the search engines. Its counterpart – black hat technique – ultimately, is the source of woe for most companies whose website gets dropped off the rankings radar. Some SEO marketers, by trying to get leverage by filling their client’s website with spammy keywords, only succeed in driving their client’s search page rankings to the pit. An SEO company in Orange County that subscribes to ethical “white hat” marketing strategies, according to Murtagh, sees such practices as the only way to boost their client’s online presence—and business integrity.

Professional Web Design

Your company website needs to be updated with features that present your brand competently. You can bank on professional SEO companies to revamp your company’s image through snappy and engaging web design elements and structures. IT and software professionals can organize and construct page codes and links, and other white hat strategies. With a skilled eye for effective website architecture, an SEO expert can execute an online platform that customers can appreciate and visit often.

Powerful Content

Apart from a well-constructed design, a company needs to cultivate a website page with enough relevant and quality content, which is an important element in search engine algorithms. White hat SEO companies in Orange County, such as PDG World Marketing, can help generate content for your website, through various informational and promotional articles and blogs. The SEO provider organically incorporates target keywords into the articles. With informative, useful content as part of legitimate SEO technique, your website can very well draw the traffic it needs and the ranking it deserves to stay on top.

(Source: 4 Recent Changes to Search That Make SEO Easy as Finding Hidden Treasure, Search Engine Watch, March 20, 2014)