Mobile Responsive Web Design is the Future

Your website design must adapt to multiple devices period. Whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, iphone, etc.
Your site is the main hub of your business, featuring all of your information, and the online store. If your website isn’t well designed, then your potential customers won’t be able to take you seriously and consider your services or products. There are only seconds between the user clicking on your site, and them deciding whether to stay and look into your business, or find a different business.
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What is a Mobile Responsive Web Design

At PDG World Marketing, we offer many different kinds of websites, but our team specializes in designing customized WordPress websites. Our group gets to know your business and designs it especially for you. The Wordless platform allows us to create a website that can be loaded on all of newest mobile devices, as well as laptop and desktop computers.

What is the advantage to using a Mobile Responsive Site?

Large amounts of potential customers use mobile devices. This means having a mobile responsive site is an absolute requirement. Very soon, mobile users will outnumber computer users, so if your site isn’t optimized for different devices, you’ll be missing out on a lot of potential sales. If your site doesn’t load as intended on their devices, you will not have a chance to convert those potential sales into customers.

The WordPress Platform

The choice was obvious; WP is both a highly customizable and the best system at managing content. It is designed to work seamlessly with all of most popular SEO techniques and tools. . Uploading content is very easy and you will be able to handle it without any issues whatsoever. WordPress is the most popular open source platform used for designing websites. The features and custom created plugins and addons expand its functionality like no other platform available. If your goal is to build a website that will never go out of date and is able to adapt to the always changing Internet, then you want to be sure to use the WordPress platform to design all of your websites.

A summary of our Web Services

  • All of our websites are created using the WordPress Platform
  • Each website is customized to fit with your specific industry
  • Each features our unique Mobile Responsive design using WordPress Mobile-Responsive Theme-based Web Design
  • The Mobile Responsive website is customized to fit your business WordPress Mobile-Responsive Custom Web Design
  • Creation, Setup and Optimization – Our team does all of setup work necessary establish website using only latest available WP version. After consulting with you our team does all work for you, we select the most appropriate theme and color combinations that best convey your company’s story and that are the most functional for your needs.
  • Selection of Graphical Images – Prior to finalizing any design for your website our team will furnish you with artist rendering of the look of your site. This will include all images that we found while researching your business. Each image will be a representation of some part of your business. The images will also enhance the written content on each page of your custom website.
  • Along with the above listed services we setup your websites email, Contact Us forms, full backups, server side installation.
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