Social Media Optimization

Today, social networking sites aren’t just ways to keep in contact with family and friends. They are marketing tools that, when utilized correctly, can bring in sales and traffic to your business’ site. Our social media optimization service aims to do just this.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social media optimization (SMO) is a method of attracting users using social media and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. SMO gets users aware of products, brands, and services. Your business reaches others through your network of friends or people who are a fan of you. Then, others can tell their friends or followers about your business, and so on.

Why is Social Media Optimization a Necessity?

Social media is a great way to gain awareness and get customers involved with your business. Studies have shown that 65% of respondents use social media to obtain information about different services, and businesses. Around 53% share experiences and around 70% visit these pages to read about customer satisfaction. Usage of social media to search for businesses and services is constantly on the rise, growing three times over the past few years.
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Your customers are most likely looking for you on social networking sites. If you don’t optimize on social networks, you aren’t providing a way for customers or future customers to give feedback or discuss your services or products. Most people will appreciate the fact that you care about your customers

Our Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

Our team specializes creating social media strategies that are designed to optimize your company’s presence on the top social networking sites. Along with the social networking sites we include other popular online sites like Blogger, YouTube and Pinterest. As part of our service we establish accounts on each of the sites and tailor the user profiles to match your given industry.

  • Facebook – Facebook is the largest social media website, registering more than 1 billion active users per month, and still growing every day. Current and future customers are on Facebook, and you need to reach out to them with an optimized profile and fan page that reflects your products or services. It’s a necessity for them to be able to see your business information. They want to see that you care about your customers, and are willing to respond to questions, and accepting feedback.
  • Google+ – Google+ is the newest social media site, and already the second most used. With over a quarter billion members that actively use its services every month, it is the perfect social platform for getting the word out about your company. Part of our SEO services involves establishing your Google+ account and setup a profile that is optimized with relevant keywords and images that best represent your business. As an added value we regularly share posts and updates.
  • Twitter – Twitter is the third most used social media site, registering over 200 million active users and it generates more than billion tweets a week. By creating a unique account and user profile that is optimized to attract more followers your business will benefit from the increased exposure on social media. We also send out tweets and re-tweets as a way to build even more followers.
  • LinkedIn – Despite being much smaller by number of active users, LinkedIn is a great social media platform for your business to network with other businesses. With close to 100 million active members from over 200 countries to date, you will be able to expand your businesses reach globally. Our services include establishing an account and setup of an optimized profile and regularly participate in group discussions.

Social Media is a full time job and ensuring that it is update can be a daunting task for any business owner. Leave it to us, we have the staff necessary to monitor your social media presence and that will leave you free to take care of your business.

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