Pay per Click & AdWords Remarketing

PPC is a form of instant advertising that displays your ads whenever your target keywords are used in a Google search, we will help you better utilize PPC. Remarketing is the ability to show you banner ads to customers or visitors after they have left your website and visit another website in the Google Display Network.

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Some say that without spending lots of money on SEO experts you cannot achieve high page rankings. The truth is, there are several ways available to drive large amounts of traffic to any website that do not involve any SEO techniques.

Pay Per Click is the most common alternative to SEO

There are many different types of marketing being used these days to direct people online. One of the most common found on search engines is called Pay Per Click ads. PPC ads are not easy to set up correctly and they usually are derived from keywords that are most commonly used for a specific industry. Remarketing is special technique in which your banner ad is placed within the Google network and it is displayed on multiple websites your potential client or customer continues to visit within Google’s Network.

Is Pay Per Click a Necessity?

When it comes to ranking high on the keywords that are the most competitive, SEO techniques alone are often slow. It can take months to rank high for competitive keywords. By using highly placed PPC ads it is possible for your website to be ranked on the first page nearly instantly. It is even possible to get these results for the most competitive keywords. If more visitors to your website nearly instantly is your goal with improved conversions of visitors, pay per click advertising has been chosen nearly 2/3 of time by businesses. More than half of Pay Per Click users reported increased revenue from their website traffic using PPC.

The Advantages of Pay Per Click and Remarketing Advertisement Techniques

With pay per click advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ads. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on a traditional advertising campaign, which just targets a general audience, instead of a specific focus group. Using pay per click advertising, you can get yourself out to a specific targeted audience, and only need to pay when someone clicks on your ads. It doesn’t matter if your banner ad includes a phone number, you don’t pay when someone calls, only if they click.

With remarketing, you target people who have previously visited your site, they will see your banner ads when they visit other sites within the Google Display Network. Remarketing gives you the ability to convert visitors into customers or clients easier. Again, you only pay when someone clicks on the ad, not up front. Being able to target potential customers who have not yet decided makes it easier to convert them. Remarketing also makes it easier to get previous customers back into doing business with you again.

What We Do – Pay Per Click Services

  • Establish PPC Account
  • Perform Extensive Searches on Keywords
  • Establish and Monitor All Ad Campaigns including AdWords
  • Manage PPC Costs
  • Establish Traffic Targeting Goals
  • Monitor Conversion Rates
  • Split Testing Services
  • Conversions Remarketing Techniques
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