Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation is more important today then ever before. Gone are the days when a business did not have to worry about disgruntled past customers. Seven out of ten customers or patrons check a businesses reputation before using them, this is only expected to increase in the future. With customers being able to provide feedback through comments, reviews and social media, it is very important that you have a system in place to encourage positive reviews and feedback. This allows you to keep on top of what they are saying so that you can combat that negative feedback should it arise. Here at PDG World Marketing we can help you monitor your online reputation and put in place your plan of action to get weekly positive reviews from your clients or customers with are proprietary system. If a negative comment or review arises we notify you quickly so you can respond to them. To combat any negative comments further, the constant weekly positive comments you receive with our proprietary system will now out weigh the negative.
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These days, it seems that nearly every business, practice or company is searching for themselves on Google, because they want to know what is being said about them online. Do you search for yourself on Google are you happy with what you see? Whatever you see is what your potential customers will see. You may be patient enough to wait instead of acting on negative comments about your business, but your potential customers won’t be. Here’s a fact: Around 80% of people surveyed changed a purchase decision due to negative reviews posted online. With more competition popping up all the time, for most businesses, Online Reputation Management and Marketing is a necessity.

What Exactly Is Online Reputation Management?

Your online reputation is extremely important. With the amount of searching people go through to find ratings and reviews of businesses, negative reviews can severely affect how many customers you bring in. Your business’ online reputation plays a huge factor in whether potential customers decide to use your services or not. For this reason, it is required to monitor your online reputation, and take action to counter negative comments and portray a good image for your company.

Why Should You Monitor Your Online Reputation?

According to many studies, around 78% of internet users research products and services online, and 80% had changed their mind about making a purchase due to negative reviews posted online. Your business relies on its online reputation, and one or two bad reviews could cause your customers or clients to take their business elsewhere. Online reputation management gives you a chance to respond to negative reviews as soon as they are submitted online. Online reputation marketing lets you capitalize on positive reviews by placing them on your website. When you use are proprietary system you have fresh positive reviews constantly online about your business or practice. So that positive reviews will out number any negative reviews.

Studies show that 44% of adults online have searched attempting to find information about services they can trust. You can utilize online reputation management to give searchers and potential customers a good first impression.

What Do We Do? – Online Reputation Management Services

  • Restore Online Reputation – Occasionally it might be necessary to take reactive measures when negative things are posted online about your business. We can use positive reviews placed strategically placed on higher profile directory sites that will in affect lower the placement of the negative websites. This will help to restore your company’s good name according to the search engines.
  • Social Media Remake – Our Social Media Service involves reviewing your current social media accounts and evaluate each profile and make necessary changes to better optimize them for your given industry. Since social media is a twenty-four hour operation, you need to keep up to ensure your online reputation is kept intact. We help your business build a solid list of follows and fans among other things.
  • Other Services – Some of the other services we provide all of our clients is website analysis, we ensure that all of the content is relevant and that the backlinks are all of the highest quality possible. We also analyze backlinks of your competitors to be sure you that your website continues to rank higher. We also design highly customized campaigns that are design to accentuate your current exposure on the Internet. This includes creating micro websites and blogs to bolster your page ranking on the major search engines.
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