SEO Company in Orange County to Aid Auto Shops Make Impact on Locals

Orange County, California (February 25, 2014) – PDG World Marketing, a reliable SEO company in Orange County, is inviting auto repair shop owners and professionals to sign up for a new video program that will help them make a greater impact on the local market. Under the program, selected individuals will be interviewed to give their thoughts and insights regarding their business. Auto repair experts who are interested in the program should be able to distinguish their own unique selling proposition and differentiate themselves from others in the industry.

While video production can cost thousands of dollars, PDG World Marketing’s program comes free of charge since it is still in its early stages. Participants will secure exclusive rights to the video and may post it on their websites and social media sites. The program can help them grow their network of customers, increase brand awareness, create opportunities for customer engagement, and promote customer trust and loyalty.

The program also aims to support the economic growth of the local market, which can then provide more job and trade opportunities for residents of Orange County. By providing an avenue for promoting the services of local entrepreneurs, PDG World Marketing also helps keep the local business community thriving.

As a trusted Orange Country SEO firm, PDG World Marketing seeks to establish a solid online presence for their clients and to connect them to their target market. Besides search engine optimization, the company also focuses on social media marketing, online reputation management, and mobile SMS marketing. To learn more about their services, visit

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