Preventing Crises thru Online Reputation Management in Orange County

Every business has to maintain the upkeep of two faces: the public one and the online one. Both faces represent the company’s storefronts that must keep up their appeal and relevance to draw customers. However, in this predominantly-digital age, marketing focus has shifted more to the web aspect, particularly on social media sites. The importance of effective online reputation management in Orange County is further stressed by Charlotte Callaghan, writing for Social Media Frontiers.

“It is very important to understand the importance of a positive online reputation in the modern business world. There are tons of ways for your business to be slated online, and not acting appropriately can mean trouble: fast. Managing your online reputation is about maintaining the public’s perception of your business. If customers can see that your business is accessible and trustworthy they are more likely to walk away satisfied. So do the right thing, and learn how to keep your online reputation above the water.”

So, how can companies harness the social media to manage their online reputation? First, companies can use these sites as a search engine optimizer. For most search engines, social media sites are considered high-authority platforms. This is primarily effective for sales where an effective primary company-associated keyword could show positive results on a search page which could, in turn, earn a following. The more positive profiles there are about your company on all the major social media platforms, the higher the benefits in terms of promotions, and even the likelihood of “viral” marketing.

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Still, companies need to be discriminating about the sites on which their profiles are posted. SEO professionals managing Orange County reputation management services for businesses, always consider compatibility. For example, a more corporate-type business can choose sites like LinkedIn, which offers a more professional platform in which to engage their customers. An apparel brand, on the other hand, can use sites that target the more youthful, trendy, easy-breezy sites like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, as their platforms.

Next, always spread the positives, while also taking account of the negatives. Spread every nice thing people say about the brand, and professionally respond to the negative queries. To do this effectively, a company has to put up a more human and humane approach towards its customers. Replying to compliments with statements like, “Thank you, we are glad that you enjoyed our food,” shows customers that they are being listened to. Never be afraid to ask people for recommendations. People love a patron-responsive company, but are rather turned off by robotic and automated responses to their queries or suggestions.

When you feel that your company is assaulted by bad press or reviews, apart from making redress with your product or service in question, it’s best to consult with a reliable online reputation management firm, such as PDG World Marketing, to turn bad reputation on the web, into positive.

(Source: Social Media Tip: How to Control an Online Reputation Crisis, Social Media Frontiers, February 26, 2014)

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