How To Get Positive Reviews For Your Business

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Do you know what people are saying about you?

Do you know what they are saying about your business?


Whether you like it or not, people ARE saying
SOMETHING about your business.
Are these comments and reviews bringing you
business, or losing you business?
Fortunately, positive reviews are a great way to build trust among prospective buyers, to show
them that you are an authority in your given industry and can be the catalyst for someone
choosing you over another business.
Unfortunately, negative reviews can have you quickly losing trust among prospective buyers
and turn them running (yes, we said RUNNING) in the other direction to your competitors.
So, do you know what others are saying about you?
If you don’t, then you’d better check for yourself and see because it could very well contain the
reasons as to WHY you have been losing business, or the reason why you may have been
experiencing some slow times.

Better yet, you be the judge.

Think about your own buying habits and how you choose WHOM you will buy from.
If you are like most, then you probably consult others you know who have bought the particular
service or product, or just taken a look at what people have said about it.
What drives your buying decisions – Positive or negative reviews?
Say for example that you needed to get some work done on your vehicle. Here’s where you
can judge for yourself.

Let’s take a look at what people are saying about these two fictional businesses.

Reviews for Business A:

1) “Lines here are too long. Wait is ridiculous.
Receptionist acts like you are bothering her. On
top of that, they charged me $200 more than they quoted. No thanks, never coming back.”

2) “Took the mechanic 3 hours to figure out that the problem was an oil leak. That’s what I said in
the first place?!?!?! Really??? Stay away – not recommended.”


3) “Rude. Treated like I was an idiot and on top of that they took two extra days. People need to
get to work! At least be honest about how long it will take instead of avoiding my calls and
putting me off. Check out the other guys, way better service and at least they are honest about
how long it will take.”
Think about it.
Would you want to use this shop? Would you want them working on your car?


Reviews for Business B:
1) “Awesome! These guys are the BEST in town. They stick to their
word. Their quoted price is ALWAYS what you’ll pay, never more.
You just got a regular customer!”

2) “This shop is busy for a reason – yeah, they’re that good. Luckily,
they’ll tell you once you come in if you should wait or come back. If
you are looking for top notch service, fair rates and an honest shop
then check them out.”

3) “At first I was a little put off because they told me the parts were on backorder, and my car
would be there an extra few days. Then they said it was drivable and could bring it back when
the parts arrived, or would get me a loaner (they’d pay) since it wasn’t my fault that I had to wait.
I was floored. Didn’t want to go through the hassle of a rental, so took my car back and brought
it back when the parts arrived. They got done the same day! These guys rock and definitely
know how to take care of you. Highly recommended!!!”

Who Would You Choose?

This is REALLY a no-brainer when you think about it, but who
would you choose?
It’s pretty easy to see HOW positive reviews can impact your
Luckily, if you have few reviews to speak of, then we can show
you HOW to get more positive ones.
If you have some negative ones, we can still help.
We’ll show you how to get legitimate on-going positive reviews from your
patrons, clients or patients. Our proprietary system causes your business
to have a 5 star reputation online because your positive reviews outnumber
those negative ones.

Closing Thoughts

Reviews are critical to your business.
They could make or break a potential sale, and may already be doing some extensive damage
to your business without you knowing it.

What people are saying about you and your business will impact it one way or another.
Don’t fall victim to the Business Killer – Negative Reviews.
Let us help you get those positive reviews you need, and help you get more of them.

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