Does Social Media Marketing Work?

LinkedIn has 467 million users. That’s a huge audience. Facebook has an astonishing 2 billion daily users. There are 974 million Twitter accounts. The list goes on, and the audiences continue to grow. It’s obvious that if you want to succeed you should be interested in this huge pool of potential clients. Ninety-one percent of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels. Having control over your social media is essential if you are to become a successful brand. Controlling the messages you send out to your customers is a key factor. Contact us and we’ll let you know how to get it right. Here are 10 questions to ask when thinking about a Social Media campaign for your business: Read more »

8 Reasons Why You Need Google Analytics for Your Website Today

As business owners, we must ensure that our marketing efforts are worthwhile. We need to make sure that our website’s design and structure is at optimal levels to maximize our marketing campaigns. Having someone on your team that can analyze your website traffic data will help ensure that your efforts are worth every little bit of time and money you spend on marketing. Installing Google Analytics makes acquiring this information easier than ever. Understanding this information will help you strategize and improve your marketing efforts. Here are 8 simple ways to use Google Analytics to advance your business to next level: 1. Identify the Sources of Your Traffic Use analytics to track the traffic on your website. This will help you understand what sources send the most traffic to your business. 2. Determine the Path that Leads to Conversions Determine what pages are driving conversions for your business. Conversions could be making a sale, the download of a white paper, a filled out contact form on your website or one of many other actions that positively impact your business. The quality of your traffic relies on if you’re bringing the right buyer personas to your website who are genuinely interested […] Read more »

Generate Leads for your Small Local Business Today!

Make your business visible online, and you will get a larger share of customers. Operating a small and local business doesn’t mean you cannot increase your customers and scale. Get a Website. Don’t you have a website yet? Where have you been all this time? From plumbers to dentists, the local handyman to big engineering firms – they have websites. Your website will be your 24/7 storefront. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. You are increasingly using your mobile phone when searching for a product or service, right? Get some Traffic with SEO. Many of your potential customers probably do not know that your business exists. However, when they go to Google searching for a product or service they need, which you offer, and finds you because you’re doing SEO — then bingo! Make sure that your SEO is well-planned with a comprehensive blueprint to ensure ROI. Get on Social Media. Many more of your potential customers may find you in social media. When a recent customer following you in social media likes or shares an article, a photo, or a video you posted, then that post will be visible to their friends – who might as well try […] Read more »

How To Make Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd

SEO is a great marketing tool. Social Media is a great marketing tool as well. You have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. at your disposal. Many businesses fill their feeds with discussions about how reliable and celebrated their products or services are. Many have the persuasive copy needed to convince people to buy from them. All of these tactics are good. Nonetheless, self-promotion alone is not enough to make yourself known to your target market. This is where Reputation Marketing comes into play. Reputation marketing is about building a positive online reputation, which allows you to use that stellar reputation to gain the trust of your target customers. With reputation marketing, you now have more authentic content. Content that draws people’s attention to how reputable your business is! As your customer is contemplating their next purchase, they go through a process to decide if they want to buy. Some of these stages include Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. For some, this process is instantaneous, and for some, it could take months. Your reputation and reviews can help them jump into action! Use reputation marketing to validate your potential customer’s decision to buy from you! Here at we want to […] Read more »

Is Your Business Anti-Social? Putting the ‘Social’ Back into Social Media Marketing

If you’re among the business owners who are posting and sharing content through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, then you’re off to a good start. But if you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, chances are that’s because your social media isn’t actually very social. Posting and sharing content just isn’t enough! However, how do you put the ‘social’ back in social media and take your social media marketing game to the next level? By creating opportunities for your customers to get involved in the conversation and get to know you and your brand. 1. Post conversational status messages. This will humanize your brand. Remind people that your business is run by individuals who care about their products and their customers, not by some faceless corporate machine. Allow your customers to connect with you on a human level. 2. Post videos of yourself talking to your target customers. As a business owner, showing your face builds trust and, again, humanizes your brand. 3. Ask questions. Hear their story. Ask about their needs and get feedback on your products or services. The exchange will benefit both you and your customers. You’ll be helping your customers feel like they […] Read more »

Good news for business owners in the travel and hospitality industry!

Consumers are quickly shifting their reliance on digital channels for all of their travel preparation, from researching to booking. Check out this report: Adobe Digital Insights forecasts online revenue growth for the travel industry, with spending expected to hit $98.02 billion. The typical customer-traveler spent an average of 53 days browsing 28 different sites over 76 online sessions, with more than 50% of travelers checking social media for travel tips, according to a study by Nielsen. The digital travel space worldwide will expand at an annual rate of 3.8% to reach $11.4 trillion over the next 10 years, as predicted by travel industry experts. How’s your revenue forecast? Need help boosting digital marketing for your travel or hotel business? What’s your plan of action? Contact us through, or shoot us an email at Read more »

Beat Bigger Brands and Boom your Business

Are you a Small Local Business? Size doesn’t matter when you are offering bigger value and personalized services. What you need is to create more visibility online for the people who are looking for what you provide. What are the advantages of being a small, local business that will enable you to compete with bigger businesses? Here’s a short list: Technology Tools In no other time has technology made it easier for us to do business, communicate, promote, and expand our businesses on such a far-reaching scale. The Web, SEO, and Social Media Marketing allow us to market our businesses in the same way that bigger brands do. Flexibility with Changing Conditions Small business owners have way more flexibility to make immediate and necessary changes that are essential to dealing with changing local market conditions. For big businesses, recommendations go through many levels bureaucracy before decisions are made at the top. Execution suffers the same delays down to the personnel on the ground. Personalized Customer Service You have the opportunity to deliver personalized, unexpected and exceptional customer service. How does it feel when you are served by the owner of a restaurant that you often dine at, and get asked […] Read more »

Say Hello to the Future. Get a Virtual Storefront. Open 24/7.

The information age can be glorious. It gives customers nearly limitless information when trying to make a purchase decision, and it gives business owners like you new and exciting ways to reach those customers. It also makes it of the utmost importance to have a solidified and well-crafted website to make your case to potential customers. Yes, your website is your virtual storefront. Open 24/7. Not sure where to start? We can help. Your website needs to sell you and these six things are proven to do that in the most efficient way. 1. The way that your product or service navigation is organized must be primarily based on your potential customer’s needs, and not based on, say, alphabetization. 2. With featured products or services, you can quickly direct your customer to what they are most likely to need. If the weather is heating up, make sure you don’t feature coats. Make educated guesses to showcase what’s hot for each season. 3. A product or service catalog makes sure your customers know exactly what you offer. It allows them to search through and identify what aspects of your product or service that fit your needs. 4. For each product listing, […] Read more »

Why do Digital Marketing Campaigns Fail?

Do you recognize any of the following signs? 1. You’re not visible on search engines and if you are visible, no one clicks to visit your website. 2. If visitors do click through and visit your website, they leave almost immediately. 3. You’re getting clicks, and website visitors aren’t leaving your website, but they’re not buying anything! Sound Familiar? I’m sure you’re asking, “What can I do?” We can show you how. It’s all about understanding who your real customers are, their search behaviors, and the digital channels they use – and having the right product. Luckily for us, Internet Marketing allows your potential customer to be matched with your service to ensure that your product is the perfect one for them! Here are additional tips: 1. Make sure you are doing SEO. This includes optimizing the titles and description of every page and optimizing your content to match the intent and context of the search. 2. It’s not just about getting potential customers to visit your website. You want them to become engaged with your content. 3. Your written content (the actual words/explanation/description of the product or service) is engaging, interesting. Relevant content will build trust and increase the […] Read more »

5 Easy Ways to Better Engage Your Audience

Every time a user comes to your website or social media page you have the opportunity to interact with them and turn them into lifelong customers! We want your customers to enjoy coming to your page and to look forward to viewing your content. So that leaves us with the question, what does your target audience want to see on your page? Here are some of the top ways that you can encourage viewers to get involved on your page: Trivia Questions Give your followers a chance to show off a little bit of their knowledge! Also, if you can come up with interesting bits of trivia for them, it will spark a lively conversation on your page and give viewers a reason to share your post. Interactive Infographics These are a great tool because they are visually pleasing and eye catching, but they also can pass along useful information about your business or industry to your potential customers. Polls A poll shows your audience that you want to hear what they think and gives them a chance to make their voice heard on your page. Live Video Streaming There isn’t a better way to make the viewer feel like […] Read more »